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Camex marketing strategies is focused on:

Effective Technical Services
  • In order to, enable you to use the products to optimum advantage along with value addition to your
      product we regularly present/publish.
  • Best trichromy & compatible dye selection along with Individual Exhaustion Graph in order to get
      right first time production every time.
  • Awareness of present and future requirement of export house regarding fastness to Light,
      Washing & Rubbing and its remedy for the same.
  • Regularly presenting gradation and combination shades along with its fastness properties for
      ready technical reference.
  • Suggesting Technical / Process development for the changing scenarios of market.
    Camex Marketing & Sales Strength is -
  • Sales team of responsive.
  • Enthusiastic and Dynamic Professionals.
  • A diversified range of products.
  • Custom made product of user needs.
  • Network, with own branch offices at National & International level.
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